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Tim Bergling aka Avicii was a big inspiration for not only us, but almost every electronic dance music producer. His melodies, choice of sounds & compositions were just so good. That's why we decided to create this pack for you: to get a little bit of that Avicii feeling.


And the best thing: it's completely free!

Make sure to download as soon as possible because there will be a limited amount of free copies.

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MIDI Files



TPS - Levels - Kick 02.png

TPS - Levels - Kick 02

TPS - Levels - Ambiance 03 (C).png

TPS - Levels - Ambiance 03 C

Claploop 5.png

TPS - Levels - Drumloop 02

TPS - Levels - Downfilter 03.png

TPS - Levels - Downfilter 03

TPS - Levels - Crash 01.png

TPS - Levels - Crash 01

TPS - Levels - Snarefill 02.png

TPS - Levels - Snare Fill 02

TPS - Levels - Drumloop 01.png

TPS - Levels - Drumloop 01 

TPS - Levels - Impact 04.png

TPS - Levels - Impact 04


PL - I Could Be The One

LD - Wake

LD - The Days

LD - Funky

PL - Waiting For Love


For Sylenth1

BS - Love

BS - Breaking

SY - Lonely Together

SY - Monday

SY - Stockholm


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Project File

We produced 1 Full Project File which will help you to understand tracks like these. We really tried to get that vibe Avicii had in his tracks. The projects are fully mixed & mastered and every preset, sample or instrument is from the pack only.

TPS - Levels - Project File


TPS - Access

MIDI Files

Coming up with an amazing chord progression or a satisfying melody is something that's very challenging for many producers. For this pack we tried to create amazingmelodies like Avicii did, give some a listen down here.

TPS - Levels - MIDI 01
TPS - Levels - MIDI 02
TPS - Levels - MIDI 03
TPS - Levels - MIDI 05

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