Level up your 

sound design skills

The ultimate sound design course for producers,

taught by one of the most widely known

sound brands in the industry

Level up your sound sound design skills

Course Content

The course consists out of 3 extensive chapters each including 5 episodes

We'll start with the UI interface and functionality and move on to the principles of sound design in Serum 

Chapter 1 – UI Interface & Functionality

1. Introduction to Serum & UI

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2. OSC Section Functionality

3. FX Functionality

4. Matrix Functionality

5. Functionality Summary

Chapter 2 – Sound Design Principles

1. ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release)

2. LFO

3. Wavetable Oscillators

4. Filtering

5. Sound Processing in Serum

Chapter 3 – Workflow & Appliance

1. Basic Workflow

2. Creating a bass synth

3. Creating a lead synth

4. Creating a synthpad

5. Smart Tips and Tricks


15 Wavetables

40 Serum Presets

Serum Quiz

Shortcut Notesheet