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Nowadays you can't think of the charts without some refreshing Slap & Deep House tunes. In the past few months Slap & Deep House quickly became one of the most influential genres in the EDM scene and it does not look like it stops growing anytime soon. 

We decided to design a pack which contains all the essentials you need to succeed your next Slap or Deep House production. We put together a selection of high quality drum samples, presets, projects, vocals and loops!

Cosmic is your stair to produce the next EDM hit!




MIDI Files



TPS - Cosmic - Kick 06

TPS - Cosmic - Snare Fill 04

TPS - Cosmic - Downfilter 07

TPS - Cosmic - Vocal 03 

TPS - Cosmic - Tom 05

TPS - Cosmic - Uplifter 06

TPS - Cosmic - Ambience 02

TPS - Cosmic - Percussion 13

TPS - Cosmic - Vocal 02 

TPS - Cosmic - Drumloop 04

TPS - Cosmic - Snare Fill 05

TPS - Cosmic - Ambience 01


LD - Secrets

LD - Ey

LD - Blown Away

LD - Play

LD - Flight

LD - Estimated

LD - Show

BS - Vize


100+ Presets for Serum 1.3+

BS - Follow Me

BS - Questions

BS - Ride It

BS - Born

BS - Luxury

BS - Dynoro

BS - Brazilian

PL - Two

PL - World

PL - Mallet

SY - Chill

SY - Ambient

SY - Breaking

SY - Piece Of Your Heart

PL - Discopolis

FL Studio 20 & Ableton Live 10

Project Files

Always wanted to know the arrangement, mixing or sound design of a Slap or Deep House track? Now is your chance to get access to various Project Files, both for FL Studio and Ableton. 

Project File 01

Project File 02


Get inspired by

MIDI Files

Having a hard time creating unique melodies or basslines? Then the MIDI files in COSMIC will help you out for sure. Get inspired and use them in your own tracks!

Chord MIDI 04

Melody MIDI 02

Bass MIDI 02

Bass MIDI 03


Presets Only



100+ Presets for Serum

Full Bundle



Sample Pack, Presets,

Vocals, Project Files & MIDI Files

Samples Only



Sample Pack


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