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The Sounds Of

Hard hitting Bass House, uplifting progressive house, or catchy pop, it all gathers on STMPD records. STMPD is found by Martin Garrix in 2016 and the label turned out to be an instant succes.

We teamed up with Evolution of Sounds to provide you with the highest quality STMPD soundset out there. In this pack you will find all the essential samples, presets and more to create a STMPD style banger. Sounds in the pack are inspired by big names like: Julian Jordan, Loopers, TV Noise, Dyro, Todd Helder, Eauxmar, DubVision and many more. 

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reese fill 06.png

EVO X TPS - Reese Fill 6 Fmin

synth shot 20.png

EVO X TPS - Synth Shot 20 F#

synth shot 14.png

EVO X TPS - Synth Shot 14 C

drumloop 03.png

EVO X TPS - Drumloop 03

fill 2.png

EVO X TPS - Snare Fill 02

groove 4.png

EVO X TPS - Groove 04

Kick 4 G#.png

EVO X TPS - Kick 4 G#

impact 06.png

EVO X TPS - Impact 06


LD - Side 

LD - Mono Strong Saw

LD - Horses Do Fly

LD - Vocal Flute

LD - Elefante

LD - Flame

LD - Progressive King

LD - Fasto


100+ Presets for Serum 1.272

BS - Mess

BS - Roll Me Like Juan Jordan

BS - Slithering Snake

BS - Knock It Back

BS - Viper

BS - Mega Brass of Death

BS - Lokotez

PL - Call Me When The Beat Drops

PL - Metal

PL - Beauty

PD - Tension String

PD - Time To Rock

SY - Collapse

PL - Call Who

PL - Break Melodics

FL Studio 20 & Ableton Live 10

Project Files

Always wanted to know the arrangement, mixing, sound design of a STMPD style track? Now is your chance to get access to various project files for FL Studio and Ableton. 

Project File 01

Project File 02