Quick help


How can I install a sample pack into my FL Studio browser?

You will receive your download file as a .zip file. Extract the zip file into a destination folder you like. After you have done that follow the following steps: https://www.theproducerschool.com/post/addsamplestofl20

Where can I find my download?

You can find your download in your e-mail or in my account -> my orders. Downloads are valid for 30 days. If you lost your sample pack after 30 days, please send a e-mail to contact@theproducerschool.com and we will get it sorted out for you.


Are the samples and presets royalty free?

Yes. Once you paid the costs for a sample pack, you have the full rights to use them and distribute them in your own music. Feel free to send us your finished products, as we are really curious what you can come up with.


Which version of FL Studio do I need?

Every pack is made in the latest version of FL Studio 20. We strongly recommend you to use FL Studio v.20.6.2 in order to open the project files correctly. MIDI files, samples and presets can be opened in every version of the DAW.

Which version of Serum and Sylenth1 do I need?

We strongly recommend you to use Serum version 1.286 or higher, in order to be able to open the presets. We can't guarantee the presets will work in lower versions. In order to use the presets in Sylenth1, you will need to update to version V3 or higher.

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