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Future Rave

The sounds of

The big room sound of the future: Future Rave.


This new genre was made popular by David Guetta and Morten and is set to be a new wave within the dance scene. With big leads, crunchy basses and a futuristic sound, it is perfect for the big stages.

We created the ultimate Future Rave soundbank for Serum with over 100 presets inside, including basses, leads, plucks & synths. There are sounds from famous tracks in there, but also a lot of new and unique sounds you haven't heard before! 

Get ready for the future..

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Perfectly crafted

100+ Serum Presets

Rolling basses, huge leads & punchy plucks, this soundbank has it all. Impulse has all the sounds you need for your Future Rave tracks.

BS - Gritty

BS - Off

BS - Turn

BS - Reese 01

BS - Reese 04

BS - Mirage

LD - Make It

LD - My Life

LD - Futura

LD - Evolution

LD - Burst

LD - Expert

SY - Still Falling

SY - Brass

SY - Retro

PL - King

PL - Razer

PL - Zone

Change up the sound


The soundbank already comes with over 100 presets, but with the macros inside Serum you can create even more different sounds from them. Turn sounds into plucks, add more attack, or completely transform the presets into something new.

Before Macro

After Macro


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