Future Bass and Trap

The sounds of

Over the past few years Future Bass and Trap became a mainstream standard. Nowadays charts are full of productions from the likes of Martin Garrix, Marshemllo, Illenium, Flume and many more producers.


Due to the popularity of the genre, we found out that a lot of producers want to make Future Bass and Trap nowadays.

In this Serum soundset we provide you some of the best and most unique sounds out there, which will help you to create the next

Future Bass hit!

Kinetic Box Ground.png

LD - Huge

LD - Light

LD - Hold

LD - Chronic

LD - Classical

LD - Hold On

LD - Brass

LD - Vocal Chop


110+ Presets for Serum 1.272

ARP - Strangers

808 - Young

808 - Blade

BS - Deeper

BS - Mission

BS - U

BS - Center

CH - Frost

SY - Lift Me

CH - Rocket