How to be unique when creating confession style tracks ⛪

Many producer get to the point where they are technical skilled producers, but just lack originality. In this blog post I will discuss a few simple tips and techniques that will boost your musical creativity and that will take your tracks to the next level.

1. Just mess around

The first one might be the most important one already. Just mess around. Try things and don't be scared that you will fail. Maybe the first 100 ideas you make will be super weird and very crappy, but eventually you will make something that gives you the WOW factor.

2. Do the opposite

This one is basically an addition to the first point. When you want to be unique you should do things DIFFERENT. One good way to start doing thing different, is doing the opposite of other people. Even if you might think it is a totally lame and crazy idea, it could work out very great. I heard a lot of artists say their craziest sounds were actually made by mistake

3. Don't be a copycat

Most of the people hear a nice track and start creating something like it, however if you are doing this you will most of the time end up with a good-sounding but unoriginal track. It is no problem to use other tracks as a reference track though, just don't copy full tracks. Some good plugins for using reference tracks are: Voxengo SPAN (FREE!) and FabFilter Pro-Q3.

4. Learn sound design

Being able to design your own sounds is no must when producing. There are tons of preset packs out there which will help you making music. However I found out that even knowledge of the basics of sound design can boost your creativity a lot. I will also refer back to this in the next point.

5. Use samples and presets but make them your own

This one is very important as well. Using samples and presets is NOT a bad thing, actually it will improve your workflow and creativity greatly. However if you want to be unique you should try to make these sounds your own sounds. What I mean by this is that you can use crazy effects on samples and tweak the hell out of an exisitng preset. This will sometimes lead to a crazy unique sound, even though you are using presets and samples. We have released a crazy confession style sample pack which you can check out here:

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