The best VST's to make Bass House 📻

People often ask me the question which VSTis the best to produce Bass House music with. I decided to make a dedicated blog post and talk about some of my favourite generator VST's and effect VST's for making Bass House music. I will talk about both free and paid plugins and their pro's and cons.

1. Generators

- Xfer Serum Paid

In my opinion we can consider Xfer Serum as the best digital synthesizer out there at the moment. The possibilities of Xfer Serum are just endless. The digital wavetables will give you much more possibilities than for example the standard wavetables in Sylenth1. Another strong key point about Serum when making harder styles such as Bass House or Dubstep is that it has the warp section where you can apply three forms of modulation (FM Synthesis, AM Synthesis and RM Synthesis), bend your wavetables and much more crazy stuff. The filter section in serum is also really good. There are two filter sections, one in the main synthesizer and one in the fx section. Xfer also put in some really crazy filters such as the Reverb- or the Combs filter. The FX section is another really strong point about this generator. The possibilites are endless for example: downsampling distortion, multi-band compression, hyper modulation / dimension expander and much more. I won't go too much in depth (well maybe I already did lol) for now but it is defenitely one of the best generators voor Bass House music.

available for 189$ (this is not sponsored but it is worth it)

- Massive / Massive X Paid

If I had to choose between Massive and Serum I would go for Serum all day. However Massive also is a very popular and good plugin for many producers. Massive also uses digital wavetables and can be considered as the predecessor of Serum. Massive recently released Massive X, which is a more advanced version of the older Massive as we knew it for a very long time. Massive X is one of the latest and most advanced synthesizers out there. Massive has a lot of parallel functions to Serum, but I think Serum is an improved version which is even more advanced and clear.

available for €199,- as well as a trial version

- Fl Studio Flex Free FL Studio generator

A way less advanced, but still a great plugin to use. For FL Studio users the FLEX plugin will come with FL Studio 20 itself. If you haven't got it yet you should upgrade your FL Studio to the latest version. The downside of FLEX is that it's mostly sample and preset orientated, which makes it difficult to really change up the preset a lot. However there are sliders available such as modulation, saturation and way more. This will give you some control to your sound.

available for €199,- as well as a trial version

2. Effects

- Izotope Trash Paid

Izotope Trash is an advanced distortion plugin, which is used by lots of bass house producers. It can even be considered as a go-to plugin when making bass house. Izotope Trash comes with a lot of standard presets categorized in the following categories:

- Agressive

- Classic Textures

- Edge

- Experimental

- Heavy

- Percussive

- Subtle

- Utility

It also allows you to creat your own distortion preset. Other options Izotope Trash has are 2 filters, a convolve section, a dynamic section and a delay section. There is so much to play with, it is just incredible.

available for as little as 99$ as well as a 10-day trial.

- OTT free

OTT is a upwards and downwars multiband compression. This is basically a way to make your sound much more crispy and full. The UI interface of OTT is very easy and understandable. The best about all is that it is completely free. OTT is manufactured by the same company as Serum (Xfer), which made it guaranteed to be a succes.

available for 0$! Crazy.

- CamelCrusher free

This plugin basically has it all. CamelCrusher is a combination of a compressor, distorter, a filter and a master section. CamelCrusher can really fatten up your sound. It is very efficient and easy to use, because there are only a few adjustable buttons.

available for 0$! Sicccck.

Ofcourse there are much more good VST's out there, this is just a selection I made which could be useful for a lot of you guys. In addition to this post I wanna mention that = Ummet Ozcan recently released a video where he shows about the upcoming vst Genesis Pro, which will probaly be very sick as well and only €1! Stay tuned for that as it is going to be huge! Good luck with these VST's!

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