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Progressive House

The Sounds Of

Progressive house is a genre that has been on the top for several years. Many producers aspire to be as good as some of the greatest progressive house producers, but find it very challenging. That's why we created this phenomenal sound library.


This bundle contains everything YOU need to make your productions sound professional and unique at the same time. Maybe it is you performing on Tomorrowland in a few years!

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MIDI Files



ambiance 04.png

TPS - Progression - Ambiance 04

Percussion 03.png

TPS - Progression Percussion 03

Claploop 5.png

TPS - Progression - Claploop 05

Downfilter 08.png

TPS - Progression - Downfilter 08

Kick 02.png

TPS - Progression - Kick 02

Snare Fill 08.png

TPS - Progression - Snare Fill 08

Drumloop 06.png

TPS - Progression - Drumloop 06 

Upfilter 01.png

TPS - Progression - Upfilter 


Sylenth1 V3+

BS - Ultra


LD - My Face

BS - Trembling

PL - Hold On & Believe

PL - Town

SY - Golden Arp

LD - Together

SY - Scared



Serum 1.272

LD - Wizard

LD - Like I Do

BS - Bass Guitar

PL - Yottabyte

PL - Spotless

SY - Magic

LD - What

SY - Love

BS - Worth


TPS - Progression

Project Files

We produced 3 Full Project Files which will help you to understand tracks like these. The projects are full mixed & mastered tracks and every preset, sample or instrument is from the pack only.

Project File 01

Project File 02

Project File 03


Stunning & Clean

Vocal Chops

We wanted to do more than only a regular Sample Pack, so we included this premium Vocal Pack with all-encompassing vocal chops that are processed and ready to be used in your tracks.

You'll get Vocal Chops, Vocal One Shots & Vocal Ambiances that wil help you to create an amazing track.

chops 3.png

TPS - Progression - Vocal Chops 03 

ambiance 01.png

TPS - Progression - Ambiance 01

one shot 05 A.png

TPS - Progression - Vocal shot 01

Chops 10.png

TPS - Progression - Vocal Chops 10

TPS - Access

MIDI Files

Coming up with an amazing chord progression or a satisfying melody is something that's very challenging for many producers. For this reason we put in over 40 inspiring MIDI Files to help you write the best chords & melodies. 

CH - Cold
MD - Adventure
CH - Sky
MD - Freedom


Best deal guaranteed!

  Sample Pack including, Drums, FX, Fills & More.

  50+ Presets Sylenth1

  50+ Presets Serum

  Project Files for FL Studio 20

  MIDI Pack for inspiration

  Clean Vocal Chop Pack