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The harder house genres gather on Tchami's label 'Confession' and we decided to recreate some of the sickest sounds, as well as creating lots of unique sounds to boost your creativity. The Redemption bundle is the biggest Confession style Sample Pack out there and contains Samples, 100+ Serum Presets, 3 Project Files, MIDI's and so much more.


We found out that a lot of producers are struggling with sounddesign, mixing, coming up with ideas & more for the style of Confession, but we got that all covered up in this sound library. So if you are looking for hard basses, crazy drops & powerful sounds, then this is the right soundset for you!




MIDI Files



TPS - Redemption - Drumloop 03

TPS - Redemption - Reversed Growl

TPS - Redemption - Ambiance 08

TPS - Redemption - Drumloop 09

TPS - Redeption - Kick 05

TPS - Redemption - Fill 03

TPS - Redemption - Groove 11

TPS - Redemption - Downfilter 08


LD - Made In France

LD - Insane

LD - Ill

LD - Croissant

LD - Corruption

LD - Home

LD - Psych

LD - Dirt


100+ Presets for Serum 1.272

BS - Drowzy

BS - Skip

BS - Face

BS - Kage

BS - Grid

BS - Ghost

BS - God

PL - Absence

SY - Dark Choirs

LD - Ill

FX - Hype

FX - Pitch Gater

SY - Collapse

SY - Organ

PL - Braa

For FL Studio 20

Project Files

Confession style tracks always sound very complex and hard to make. That's why we created 3 insane Project Files, which you can use to learn about sound design, arrangement, mixing & more. Check them out with the buttons below.

Project File 01

Project File 02

Project File 03


TPS - Addiction

Vocal Pack

Adding vocals to your track can really take your track to the next level. We created some really dark & epic vocals that are ready to be used in your tracks, and they are 100% Royalty Free!

TPS - Addiction - Vocal 02

TPS - Addiction - Vocal 05

TPS - Addiction - Vocal Shot 09

TPS - Addiction - Revesred Vocal 09

TPS - Possession 

MIDI Files

Coming up with a satisfying melody is something that's very challenging for many producers. For this reason we put over  20 inspiring MIDI Files in this pack to help you write the best basslines & melodies.

Melodies 07
Melodies 04
Bassline 01
Bassline 06

What the pro's think

Opinions from established Confession artists

'The TPS packs are really dope and solid presets and samples, I'm always using a few of them in all of my tracks! The cherry on the cake when it comes to finding that missing little sound!'

- Jay Dunham

(Confession, DND, Armada)

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'Insane clean and powerful drums, well processed presets and groovy basslines. This packs makes it super easy for us to create our next banger'



(Confession, Dharma, Skink)

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'This is a great pack for everyone trying to get into bass house music production, thanks for sending



- San Pacho

(Confession, UKF)

'Nice pack! Great vocals, great presets. The Ill preset is spot on!'



(Confession, Sans Merci)

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Presets Only



100+ Presets for Serum

Full Bundle



Sample Pack, Presets Pack,

Vocal Pack, Project Files & MIDI Files

Samples Only



Sample Pack

(Vocal Pack Not Included)

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