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Redemption Vol. 2: the biggest & most powerful Bass & Tech House sound library ever made.

We created some of the most hard-to-find samples and presets, which results into a unique blend of original, big astonishing Bass & Tech House sounds. 

For this pack we worked together with some of the top tier sound designers to craft the best sample pack for Bass & Tech House out there!

From samples and presets to project files and vocals: this pack has it all.




Project Files

MIDI Files




From hard-hitting Kicks, to outstanding Drums, to weird FX, Redemption Vol. 2 includes all the essentials. Every sample is designed to fit in a track. No unnecessary samples, just perfectly-crafted sounds from scratch.

TPS - Redemption II - Kick 05

TPS - Redemption II - Clap 09

TPS - Redemption II - Tom 06

TPS - Redemption II - Long Fill 05

TPS - Redemption II - Riser 03

TPS - Redemption II - Short Fill 10

TPS - Redemption II - Drumloop 12

TPS - Redemption II - Tick 01

TPS - Redemption II - Scratch 03

Massive & juicy

Bass Shots

We designed, tweaked and heavily processed some of the most crazy Bass Shots ever made and they are probably the most valuable sounds from this pack. Creating Bass House usually takes a lot of sound design skills, but with these sounds you can make something amazing within a few minutes.

TPS - Redemption II - Bass Shot 05 D

TPS - Redemption II - Bass Shot 23 E

TPS - Redemption II - Bass Shot 26 F#

TPS - Redemption II - Bass Shot 19 F

TPS - Redemption II - Bass Shot 40 E

TPS - Redemption II - Bass Shot 43 C


BS - Grapple

BS - Doubletap

BS - Riot

BS - Morphine

BS - Notorious

BS - Deep

BS - Technical

BS - Strange Things


120+ Presets for Serum 1.272

LD - Acidity

LD - Crooked

BS - Mom

BS - Malatic

BS - Beast

BS - Terror

BS - Slimy

LD - Iron

PL - Perc

LD - Past

FX - Laser Bubble

FX - Ring the Alarm

PD - Cathedral

PL - Fluid

LD - Rave Tech

TPS - Vibration

Presets for Vital

Vital is a spectral warping wavetable synthesizer that came out recently and it's available for free. This plugin has endless possibilities when it comes down to sound design. For this reason, we created an exclusive Soundbank including 40+ presets with sounds that you've never heard before.

BS - Crank

BS - Hard

BS - Narcotic

BS - Technology

LD - French

PL - Line

PL - Glorious

LD - Call Me

FL Studio 20 & Ableton Live 10

Project Files

Confession style tracks always sound very complex and hard to make. That's why we created 2 advanced Project Files, which you can use to learn about sound design, arrangement, mixing & more. Both project files are for FL Studio aswell as Ableton Live.

Project File 01

Project File 02


TPS - Addiction Vol. 2


Using vocals in your tracks is a must nowadays, but finding the right one that fits your track can be challenging. Addiction Vol. 2 includes over 30 catchyoriginal vocals, that are perfect for your club tracks. 

TPS - Addiction II - Vocal Pop That Bottle

TPS - Addiction II - This Is Crazy

TPS - Addiction II - Vocal VIP

TPS - Addiction II - Liquor Low





Redemption Vol. 1 + 2

Full Bundle



Sample Pack, Presets Pack,

Vocal Pack, Project Files & MIDI Files

Presets Only



120 Serum Presets 

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